Sunday, August 26, 2007

2am and wide awake!

What else is new!
Well I FINALLY got my new chair but it sucks! BARELY fits thru the door! The delivery guy rips a small hole in the arm rest and tore off the molding bringing it in, no ccushion- its on order- well why the hell did ya bring me the chair then? HELLO! I specifically asked for a short back so my back fat would fit in the seat better- he said no problem- has a full back! Arm rests are WAY to low and I dont think can be raised enough , no seatbelt! HELLO! Who orders a power chair with no seatbelt? Especially if you have a paraplegic using it? The guy is a moron! and I am calling Monday to tell him so too! He never returns phone calls either...Monday is NOT going to be a good day when I go in there.
Onto better news- our Arizona Diamondbacks are in 1st place still by 2 games!!! YEAH!!!! GOOOOOOOO D-BACKS! We're going to the game tomorrow against the Cubs, SHould be a good game IF they get a better umpire in there than Friday nights! OMG! He was SOOOO not consistant with his calls for either team. Wonder who paid him to make bad calls? LOL