Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Friday!

Can you believe January is almost over already?!?! Where did the month go?

I did my 2nd visit to get into the pain study with Hope Research- I got in!!! I started my meds this morning- since it's a blind study we don't know if we're getting the real stuff of placebo- I'm hoping for the real thing- as I'm sure anyone in the study is but time will tell. Any relief is better than none at all. The drug they're testing is called Pregabalin- it's sued for Fibromyalgia patients right now with hopes it helps people who have a SCI-spinal cord injury as well. We'll see- will post with the progress.

Still fighting with our Home Warranty company- American Home Shield about getting a camera in here to see why we keep plugging up in our plumbing- SO not happpy with them or the last company sent out! I specifically asked for a camera to be used- they set up with CNJ plumbing and we had the city super here as well- CNJ shows up- NO CAMERA! THEN he tells AHS he snaked the drain- how can you snake when you got no further than the driveway? THEN he changed his story and said the city snaked it! The city doesn't do things like that! So he lied twice! BUT they won't talk to the city super who was here as they don't include 3rd parties! So you mean you take the word of a plumber over your client? Whatever! JOn gave them till 5pm today to get this resolved or we're going to the BBB and our local TV station! This is rediculous! They'll pay to have em come out each time to run the snake but won't pay the $275 to rent a camera to find out WHY it's backing up every 3-4 days...makes NO sense at all! 1st reason they wouldn't run one- we had no outside access- found the access point and now they say they don't do that...We're canceling when this is all resolved and saving our money! TOTAL BS!

Happier news- our laminate floors will be here Monday!!! WooHoo!!! Still have to get a trailer here to put the stuff in yet but we'll get it! then vacuum and we're all set to go. Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

WOW! It's FINALLY here! Inauguration of our 44th President of the United States Of America! At 10:00AM AZ time Barrack Obama will become our newest president! Who would have thought in our lifetime we would see a black president! I am SOOO excited for him as well as what's ahead for our country! There will be challenges for him but I have TOTAL faith things will turn around for our country! Bush left a mess that's sure but Barrack will get us back on track!
I would SOOO love to be in Washington to be part of this historical event but we'll be here recording it for our future generations to see. Pretty amazing! I have a box of tissues handy as I KNOW it will be a tearful day for me as well as many others. I'm such a baby when things like this happen. Oh heck I cry at anything anymore but this will be a HUGE teary day- happy tears tho! I wish the Obama's ALL the best and look forward to his tenure in the White House.

Our remodel- coming slow but getting there. Our laminate floors will be installed Monday/Tuesday. Can't wait! Then the tile in the bath and finishing touches. Will be nice to be done then get life back on track..LOL.
Our daughter is progressing well in her pregnancy. Due date Apr 1. Her daughter Kaileigh is excited to be a big sister and will be a huge help to mom and dad. I'm hoping to get out there when she delivers or right before.
Spent almost 6 hrs in Ikea yesterday! OMG! That place is AMAZING! and so full of ideas and COOL stuff! I bought 3 cabinets to put in the bathroom for linens. Spent $135 for 3 tall cabinets which is awesome since the ones in Lowes were almost $300! Only thing they didn't have were the shelves but that's a minor detail and cheap enough to get. The savings were worth it.
Back to watching the festivities! Have a GREAT day all as it IS a GREAT day!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Well it's day 2 of 2009! and I'm behind doing 1 of my resolutions already.LOL- I told myself I was going to post each day but have I? NOPE! Starting today I will TRY!

Several friends are doing the 365 project and I'm going to play also! A photo a day then at the end of each week I'm going to make a page of the whole week's pics. Should be easy to do, I would think.

Our remodel is coming along, slow, but awesome! The LR carpet is gone. YEAH! I was SHOCKED how much dirt and nastieness gets under it. It was GROSS! We will never ever have carpet in a house again!!! Tile or laminate all the way. When we get this project done- the only 2 rooms with carpet will be my scrapping/craft room and Jayson's bedroom. Eventually that will come out too.
Jon and Mike got the pocket door all installed in the hallway going into our bedroom and the door removed and doorway widened into our room too! YEAH! Now I can roll my chair in with no problems!!! Won't be long we'll be able to sleep in the same room together again! 6 years is a looong time not to...sigh...but we do what we have to. Monday Mike will come over, hang plastic and they'll get to jackhammering up the bathroom floor to re pour it slopped for the roll in shower. Will be sooooo nice to take a shower again! Since we're redoing everything we're also getting rid of alot of stuff! It fees SO good to toss the old and shop for new! Been a long time since we've bought new furniture or anything.

I'll have to figure out how to add a slide show and get some before pics and progreesion pics here so you can see who we're coming along. Long process but the labor price is nice- beer and brats! Have to work around his schedule which is fine with us! Mikes a great friend and the guys get along really well! Always joking around but serious when need be. Thanks Mike for being a good friend and helping us out!!!! Course it helps when he has such a cute son too who we love to pieces and loves to come see me!

Oh if I forgot to mention before- I'm going back in on Monday to have my shoulder scoped and cranked on to loosen up scare tissue and such from my Sept torn rotator cuff surgery. Can we say OUCHIE WAH WAH!!! It's going to be really sore PLUS I have to start right in on intense rehab Tuesday! If this doesnt help get my range of motion back then we don't know what else to do- Cory my PT guy thinks it might be more neurological but is hoping he's wrong. If neuro problem there isn't anything that can be done ....sigh...but we'll see!! Not giving up just's the pain I'm having that's puzzeling too..will update as I can.

Whoa! Jon's computer is making a LOUD humming noise when the fan kicks in- wonder if it's the fan going? Will have to tear it apart...maybe it needs a gooood sure is loud tho...he needs a whole new computer as this one is like 7 yrs old and slow...maybe we'll reboot and see if that helps...

Have a GREAT weekend!!!