Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prayers needed please

Our new grandson Chace is in the NICU in Dallas- it appears he has somehow contracted Encephlitis somehow. Heather's not sure where he got it but I guess it might have come from someone with a cold sore. He'll be in the NICU for awhile it sounds like. Please say prayers for Chace that he'll come thru this with no problems. So hard to hear since he's only 18 days old! He's having some seizures along with this so it's a hard time for his momma,daddy and big sis right now. and for Grandma too who is so far away! I SOOOOO wish I could be there right now with them to give Heather my shoulder to lean on. It's hard being away from them when they need us. Why do our kids have to grow up let alone want to be away from home. I understand now how my parents felt when we moved Heather from NY to CO when she was a mere 5 wks to grow up doesn't it? Anyways I'll post more as I know more...thankfully too one of my scrapping grannies group members live about a half hr from where Chace and Heather are so she's going to go visit them tomorrow and take Heather/Tammi ,our other daughter, out to lunch then go peak in on Chace for me...thanks Kate! Love ya girl!
Today was Jon's 45 birthday so we went to his moms and she took us all to lunch. We sat out on the patio and had shrimp all you could eat...yummmm...then while sitting there I got to looking at her left hand and noticed her ring finger on her left hand was all red- Mom let me see your finger- her nail had grew so long it was curled back around the finger and had cut into the finger but she didn't know it! She has no use of the hand after her stroke in 03 so she never paid attention! We took her over to urgent care and sure enough! It was infected- the doc cut the nail best he could and it was all pussy under there...then the ass- was looking at ME telling me how to care for it- I looked at him and said Um- it's her you need to be talking to and telling how! Not me! She's not deaf! oh I was pissed! I've never had to talk to a doc like that but he made me mad- 1st t ime I thought well it wasn't a big deal, I thought he would turn and talk to mom too...NOPE! After he started again that's when I looked at him and told him he needed to be talking to mom not me! and then he was cranking her hand around and hurting her I thought she would smack him! I reminded him she had a stroke and had no use of the hand but it hurt her to move it- he finally was a little gentler then...doctors can be a PITA sometimes when they don't listen! or at least pay attention to the patient!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tired Tuesday

Not sure why but I'm feeling VERY sleepy today! Feeling like I did when I was on to high a dosage of the pain meds. I'm on the 400mg dose now(if its the real deal). I'm thinking I maybe dehydrated pretty bad so have water bottle-am drinking!

Chase is doing well even tho he's lost almost a lb since birth. Doc wants Heather to wake him more often to feed. I mentioned to Heather maybe she's not producing enough milk-which might be the problem since I had the same with her too. She may have to supplement, which is ok...he got the most important milk already. Otherwise he's good as are mom,dad and siblings.

I've been looking for some fund raising ideas for my 3Day walk and found a cool site that will pay people for posting reviews of local businesses. I'll be posting info on it here in a few days once I get it all set up! You make a review and the site sends the money directly to the organization in my name. Stay tuned!

I managed to do a cpl LO's this morning which I really like! I used Paint Your Easter by lkscraps @e-scapeandscrap
Check it out:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Chace Ryan Wells Our newest grandson born Mar.10. I so can't wait to see him in person and cuddle. Mom and baby are fine. They came home today after mom had to have an emergency C-section. All is fine with both of them. This will be the little announcement I made for his sister to print and take to school to show her classmates.