Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another day, another post

It's a gorgeous day outside but here I sit in front of the computer, once again. I have NO energy to do anything these days. I'm beginngin to think I never will but know that I HAVE to! I haven't even done our taxes yet and their due next week! YIKES. Every year I say I'll do better the next but always fail at it..LOL..maybe this yr will be different..heheh...
I created another blog just for updates and such with my Breast Cancer 3 day stuff- check it out here: I'm going to be starting my fund raising thru the blog, the 3 Day site as well as Facebook so be prepared..LOL..would LOVE to have all my monies in by Sept if I if you're thinking of helping please do soon!!! and thank you to my 2 friends who donated already! You girls rock!

Well I guess I'll run and see where else I can post something, or maybe even work on some scrap pages- for which I am SO behind with all that's been going the last few months. We meet with an estate attorney next week to get things going with moms estate- what a job! Anyone need a mobile home all set up in a senior park? LOL

Wishing you all a wonderful day!