Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally Friday!

Woo Hoo! It's finally Friday! This week went really fast! I have been doing PT for my right shoulder all week in hopes we can get it loosned up so I have full range of motion again! It neever has worked right since I was hurt, 6 yrs ago! Ortho doc seems to think it's just frozen but Cory, my PT guy, thinks it's something else. He's been putting a 10's unit on it, then deeeeep massaging it and some minor range of motion of exercising. I have 3x's a wk for 6 wks approved to go so we'll see what happens at the end of those 6 wks. If no improvement I'm going for another MRI and a 2nd opinion. My family practice doctor seems to think it may have been broken or cracked when I was hurt and they never caught it. I can feel a sharp pointy area when I lay on my left side and while sitting at the desk so that leads me to think something isn't quite right even tho the ortho doc said it looks fine. Hmmm...
The weekend is here! Yeah! Too hot to do much outside tho! Temps have been hovering at 112 all week...ick! Welcome to Phoenix they say! Ahh but it's a dry heat! Yeah, so is an oven!
Jayson's school is trying to win $10,000 from Big Lots! I guess they have some contest going for schools, so he and a cpl of his friends went yesterday to help shoot the commercial! He got a part in it! I'm going today and see it...should be good...keep your fingers crossed we win!

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