Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well we made it thru another turkey dinner and Black Friday shopping day! Dinner was awesome, more so since I didn't have to cook! and I got almost all my Christmas shopping done on Friday! Have a few odds and ends to do then we're finished! Well have to wrap yet which is worse than the shopping! I hate wrapping. Mostly cause it doesn't last long enough! LOL. Think the kids would mind if all their presents were under the tree in Wally World and Tarlet bags? Targets are festive- white and red- those are nice Christmas colors..and WM are white too...I might even slap a bow on em to make em pretty!
Had hoped to get the outside lights up but I was sick all day Sat with this darn cold and Jon messed with this netting stuff he got from work. It's HUGE. Covers the trains for the light rail and gets thrown away so he brought some home and is making hammocks out it! Pretty cool! He enjoys it so I let him go. Gets him away from in front of the computer for hours...can you imagine? snicker.....
Kind of gloomy looking outside, Could it mean we have rain coming???? We could be so lucky! NOT...
This cold or allergies is kicking my butt this week! Didn't help yesterday I was outside while Jayson was mowing the grass then I helped with a cpl areas he couldn't or didn't want to of it are dirt so ya know what happens there when the mower blows in that direction! cough cough sputter sputter....I also trimmed alot of dead stuff off my has new growth all over it! HELLO! It's Nov for heavens sake....die off so I can whack ya back to the max and have nice new stuff in the spring. I'll get after it big time this week. It's won't know what hit it then! LOL
Temps are COLD this AM. Jon left at 5:15 with a jacket on! Has to be ccccoold for him to do that.
Well off to finish some assignments for 3S then do some recipe pages for a swap . Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Well yesterday I turned 51!!! YEAH ME! Each yr I make another bday is a great event! I spent doing NOTHING. Well played on the computer, big surprise there huh? lol.
I recieved so many birthday wishes and a cpl free kits from scrapping sites- THANK YOU to and KBandFriends for your beautiful kits. I appreciate the generosity! Thank you to ALL my online friends too for the cards and birthday wishes. DH bought me the cutest card too! Along with dinner! Shrimp,crab and a Black Forest cake...yummmm....Jayson gave me a huge hug and wished me HB too. He is such a cool kid and fun to be with. He told me last night all he wanted to Christmas was a guitar and a DS....sooooo....looks like Santa will have an easy time this yr! lol. Tis good since Jon was out of work so much and we're trying to get back on our feet again. Sure sucks when you're used to a pay check each week then lose a job and have nothing for weeks. I don't know how people do it, well they don't and become homeless. I can't even imagine it! My heart goes out to those who have had it happen.
Today is a lazy day again. Fighting a BAD toothache. I'm going to have to find a new dentist and hope he uses something besides novacaine! I hate the needles in the mouth thing! shudder...
Not much else happnin. Guess I will try to get more files copied to disks and clean the HD...what a chore! OMG!
Till next time!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Adventures abound!

Well I did it!!! I finally got into another vehicle out of my wheelchair! Our friends bought a Ford Expidition and managed to get my butt into it! WooHoo!!! We got up at 4:30 Sat morning, got dressed and ready to head to the mountains for a day of off roadin and hunting. The guys hunted squirels and I hunted things to take pics of from the truck. LOL...we left about 7 and arrived in the forest about 9:30...found some cool roads to travel and bounce around on! One of them was OMG just barely wide enough to travel on! I just now thought DOLT! I never got a pic of it! RATS! It was where we did find this tho: [IMG][/IMG]

I about died when I saw Mike carry it on his hand! ICK!
Here I am tho after a LOOOOONG day! [IMG][/IMG]

All I did was veg all day! Did not much of anything! Poor Jon limped all day cause his feet hurt from his boots! LOL. I would have thought his legs would have! Next trip we take I'm taking the video camera to get pics of him hauling ass after the squirrels! I didnt think he could run that fast! LOL.