Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Well yesterday I turned 51!!! YEAH ME! Each yr I make another bday is a great event! I spent doing NOTHING. Well played on the computer, big surprise there huh? lol.
I recieved so many birthday wishes and a cpl free kits from scrapping sites- THANK YOU to and KBandFriends for your beautiful kits. I appreciate the generosity! Thank you to ALL my online friends too for the cards and birthday wishes. DH bought me the cutest card too! Along with dinner! Shrimp,crab and a Black Forest cake...yummmm....Jayson gave me a huge hug and wished me HB too. He is such a cool kid and fun to be with. He told me last night all he wanted to Christmas was a guitar and a DS....sooooo....looks like Santa will have an easy time this yr! lol. Tis good since Jon was out of work so much and we're trying to get back on our feet again. Sure sucks when you're used to a pay check each week then lose a job and have nothing for weeks. I don't know how people do it, well they don't and become homeless. I can't even imagine it! My heart goes out to those who have had it happen.
Today is a lazy day again. Fighting a BAD toothache. I'm going to have to find a new dentist and hope he uses something besides novacaine! I hate the needles in the mouth thing! shudder...
Not much else happnin. Guess I will try to get more files copied to disks and clean the HD...what a chore! OMG!
Till next time!

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