Sunday, November 4, 2007

Adventures abound!

Well I did it!!! I finally got into another vehicle out of my wheelchair! Our friends bought a Ford Expidition and managed to get my butt into it! WooHoo!!! We got up at 4:30 Sat morning, got dressed and ready to head to the mountains for a day of off roadin and hunting. The guys hunted squirels and I hunted things to take pics of from the truck. LOL...we left about 7 and arrived in the forest about 9:30...found some cool roads to travel and bounce around on! One of them was OMG just barely wide enough to travel on! I just now thought DOLT! I never got a pic of it! RATS! It was where we did find this tho: [IMG][/IMG]

I about died when I saw Mike carry it on his hand! ICK!
Here I am tho after a LOOOOONG day! [IMG][/IMG]

All I did was veg all day! Did not much of anything! Poor Jon limped all day cause his feet hurt from his boots! LOL. I would have thought his legs would have! Next trip we take I'm taking the video camera to get pics of him hauling ass after the squirrels! I didnt think he could run that fast! LOL.

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Julz said...

um... it's a bit late, but I'm sure I could find you a good recipe for squirrel stew and biscuits! Unless you're hunting the ground variety and not the fluffy grey tree variety!