Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tues. Oct 30

Happy Halloween Eve all! Jayson has me working on his costume...he wants to be Freddy Kruger...ick! but we do it..rather than spend 10 bucks for a glave I'm making one...using his golf glove, foil,and duct tape. He wants to do something with his face too so we may use a pair of pantyhose and paint red/brown marker on them- Haven't decided yet. They had a news cast on how sexual some of the costumes are for teens these days. I SO wish we could get back to the days when we all made our costumes, covered ourselves and best thing they were FREE!

Well I am TRYING to get my EHD cleared out of old "stuff"- kits I won't use, icky pics that I have 99 copies of to make sure I get 1 or 2 good shots- you know you ALL do it too...How to decide tho. OMG! I want to use em all but no way I can. So delete I have been doing. gasp! Right now there is 2.40 GIG worth of stuff to dump..WOW! Have a LOT more to go but taking baby steps...organize, refile. delete, move...what a job! but I AM determined to get it all done! Having lost 2 EHD's already you would THINK I would have been doing it sooner, but noooooooooo....being the procrastinator extroidinaire that I am have not...till now! Have em ready to go starting tomorrow! WOO HOO!!! Baby steps...HOPE to have EVERYTHING done by Jan 1 so I can start new and fresh for the new year!

Well it is now 4AM....think I better sleep some more...yawn...night...morning,,,where ever ya are!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Started this hrs ago and just now finished..LOL.

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