Monday, July 7, 2008

Gooooood Morning!!!

Well did everyone have a nice July 4th weekend? 3 day weekends are SOOOOO nice to have aren't they? Jon had a 4 dayer so we headed north to COOOOOL weather! We camped at Lynz Lake in Prescott Valley for the weekend. Had a GREAT time just the 3 of us. Weather was PERFECT! Had some rain and HAIL, of all things! The boys rented a canoe and fished. I would have loved to go too but kind of hard to get my wheelchair in Reggie and I walked the path around the lake. Took some cool pics of hummingbirds, dragonflies, Osprey, a momma duck and her babies, cat tails, cactus flowers, the boys fishing and on the way back to van when the hail hit I managed to get 1 shot of the pea sized hail on the ground! Weirdest part was it about 50 degrees out so not sure where the hell the hail came from! LOL. We had rain off and on all day Fri, Fri night and then again Sat as we were packing BUT it did hold off until we got the tent down and packed up! PHEW! Only thing we needed to set back up to dry out was the canopy but thats no biggy. When we left it was 66 out, by the time we hit the valley 2 hrs later it was 112!!! HOT!
Jon just left for work, went to get in the van, came back in with this soda can with the lid peeled back like a can opener opened it- " See what happens when you leave a soda can in the car in phpenix in the summer!" OMG! It split that puppy wide open- guess where all the soda went? LOL...dash, seat, floor, mirror...guess who has a mess to clean when he gets home...snicker...darn good thing it wasn't in MY van! Do I feel sorry for him...NOPE! Ding dong...we live in Phoenix! 112 outside, imagine what the inside got to!'s funny but it's not...I know- I have a warped sense of humor...snicker...

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