Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Black Friday

Well we survived turkey day and Black Friday ince again! I was smart this year and did all my shopping online! Only thing I missed was the sale at Sears when their site crashed! I was just going to order some new bras for me but that's ok. They're always on sale anyways so no biggy..LOL

We did go to Lowes and picked up our new sink- we went with a pedistal one so I can roll under it, also got all the new faucets for shower and sink. The sink one is coool! Reminds me of an old hand water pump on the farm. It's a burnished bronze- all the faucets are-
pretty cool huh?
Sink - this is the style but ours is the same finish as the shower head.It's SOO purdy!

So things are coming along alsow but sure. Today we're going to finish tearing out the sink vanity and begin ripping out the door and hallway closets. Doors are all off now so we're ready to rip and tear! Hardest part has been colors. What colors to go with. At least we have the base started with the faucets. Tile will have to match- sink is white as it would have cost us another $80 or so to go with a colored sink. Ugh! Oh well..we can live with white. OH! Let me get the sink pic too! I think we MIGHT put some kind of wood behind the sink area- kind of laminate flooring type stuff to give a rustic look the area since the faucet looks rustic. What do you all think? yes? no? maybe? Here is the page with the sink - click to enlarge it on the site so you can get a closer look. http://

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