Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tired Tuesday

Not sure why but I'm feeling VERY sleepy today! Feeling like I did when I was on to high a dosage of the pain meds. I'm on the 400mg dose now(if its the real deal). I'm thinking I maybe dehydrated pretty bad so have water bottle-am drinking!

Chase is doing well even tho he's lost almost a lb since birth. Doc wants Heather to wake him more often to feed. I mentioned to Heather maybe she's not producing enough milk-which might be the problem since I had the same with her too. She may have to supplement, which is ok...he got the most important milk already. Otherwise he's good as are mom,dad and siblings.

I've been looking for some fund raising ideas for my 3Day walk and found a cool site that will pay people for posting reviews of local businesses. I'll be posting info on it here in a few days once I get it all set up! You make a review and the site sends the money directly to the organization in my name. Stay tuned!

I managed to do a cpl LO's this morning which I really like! I used Paint Your Easter by lkscraps @e-scapeandscrap
Check it out:

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Snowsmoon said...

Awesome Layout...as soon as I saw it posted some place I can't remember right now, but I knew it was that handsome son of your. Please check my blog when you can...message for you and hugs.

Blogger Award for you...http://snowsmoon-myworld.blogspot.com/