Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WOW! It's beeN awhile!

I am such a bad blogger! Worse since going to Facebook! I really should do better but can never remember to get my butt over here!

Well what's new? Hmm..oh yeah- the Breast Cancer 3 day walk! We're only 17 away!!! Did you get your donation in yet? Yeah you= you know who I'm talking to- the one who keeps saying oh I have time yet- NO YOU DON'T! I need only about $500 more to reach my goal so get with the program! Geez Louise! Don't make me come over there! Go to and donate TODAY! PLEASE?!?!?!!?!

I found a generator too! We're working on HOPEFULLY getting one donated but if not, the manager said he would happy to loan us one! Yippeee! That will work SO much better than having to have people on hand to change out the batteries every 7 miles or so! Will post the business as soon as we get the green light one way or the other!

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