Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Feb3

One of these days I will get to doing this blog thing on a dialy basis! If I can do Facebook each day you'd think I'd come here as well huh? Guess I figure FB is enough or something. Not quite sure..

I've been TRYING to get some LO's together so my designers don't think I've abandoned them but some days just come and go and nothng gets done. I'm doing PT 3 days a week so that takes time- about 3 hrs total..I found a gym setting at Glendale Community College that is set up just for people with disabilities. I'm going to call them and see if I can come check it out before I commit to anything. It's a great deal they have tho-$90 for 4 months and you can go as often as you want to go. So I should,huh? Maybe it will help be get some weight off as well as tone up and keep working what I do have.

We adopted an 8 mo old German Sheppard puppy the other day. She was a stray and so so thin. OMG. I have never seen a dog in person so thin. I walked by her cage and she had her front paw up on the door so I leaned over and was petting her. She looked up at me with THE saddest looking eyes. I have never seen a dog look so pitiful. Jay wanted an Australian SHeppard but they didn't have any. I asked if we could look at Lily(that's the name Jayson chose.after we adopted her). They brought her out and she right away jumped up on me and snuggled in my lap. We pet her and loved her, getting puppy kisses..Jayson pet her some and said no I don't think I want her,mom. Let's go look some more". I said that was fine(All the while my heart breaking that she would go back into the kennel)..I was fine with it so we looked and re looked at all the dogs when all of a sudden Jayson said-Let's get the German Sheppard mom(YES!)...So we filled out the paperwork but had to leave her till Tuesday so they could get her fixed. We went Tuesday afternoon and picked her up. She came out just a waggin her tail and a happy look,like she knew she was going home! The ride home wasn't to bad. She rode good-on Jon's lap(her front paws) and hung her head out the window-occasionally gagging with the air hitting her int he face(why is it dogs do that but if you blow int heir faces they turn away) Lily rode well. We arrived home to be greeted by Jayson, his friend Matt and another kid I have no idea who it was..I had to leave right away to go back down to the DEC,which I had just driven by 45 min before...can you say road weary?! When I got home about 9 Jon said Lily did real well with Reggie and he thought she was already housebroken as she made no messes and sort of went to the back door to go out- SO that is a saving grace for her as well as me! This AM when we got up she was full of piss and vinegar! OMG, what a difference a day makes! She sat when Jon told her to -if she wanted her food she needs to sit first and she we're off to a good start! Reggie won't even attempt to go near the food bowl when she's eating as I guess last night sahe growled at him(the big baby!)LOL...she wolfed down her food but not much of's good tho as we don't want to eat to so much so fast for now- a little at a time until she get some weight on...we're taking her to the vet this afternoon so we'll what they say about her health-she gets a free check up from them which is great! Will be anxious to get her weight. Here is a photo I took when we picked her up..Pretty shocking and sad, isn't it?


Donna G. said...
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Donna G. said...

I meant "bear." =)

Donna G. said...

Oh, good grief. Now the first comment is gone. In it I said,

Yeah, Karen, you blogged!!

Then I said I couldn't bare to look at the photo of those ribs, if I didn't know Lily is in good hands now, but I meant to say "bear." And now you've got a lot of comments, all from me that basically say nothing. =)

SarahB said...

Oh poor doggie! I'm so glad you found her and I hope that she is doing much better now!