Saturday, June 30, 2012


Well, summer is upon us! It's been in the 110's the last few days. It's AWFUL! But, after all, we ARE in Arizona. It is hot everywhere tho. I hope everyone is staying safe and remembering to drink, drink,drink. I know I am bad about it and have to constantly remind myself to do just that as well. And you would THINK, that after almost 10 yrs living with a SCI and having a catheter I would remember. But alas, I don't..sigh..always too busy doing other things..LOL. Speaking of doing other things- If you hadn't heard already- I spend several days in the hospital a couple weeks ago- I was getting ready to shower, set up in bed to cut my toenails. Managed tog et 3 done, pulled my right leg closer to get the last 2 when I heard a SNAP! I KNEW something happened so we called the EMT's. They came to check me out. Of course after all the normal questions and checking BP/heart rate,etc, they checked me over(in seated position no less) and found nothing. Never laid me down,which isn't always a bad thing when dealing with someone with a SCI- keeps AD at bay better and less chance of killing us(AD is autonomic dysreflexia which people with SCI can get and if you're having an episode and lay down- it can kill you, so sitting up was ok), anyways, they found nothing and left. Did tell us if anything changes to call them back- well I got up to get shower. Jon was putting the sling under my right leg and said ohhhh, something doesn't feel quite right here. I looked at him and thought- I KNEW IT! So I got back in bed, got dressed and in chair and off we went to the ER. Went back to Good Sam, where I was when first injured. Got into ER, they took me right in and after awhile got x-rays and was told- looks like you're going to be here with us for awhile...I knew it already before I even got there! LOL...what I didn't know was I had broken my femur right at the hip! Lovely! Here's a picture if interested.LOL
They got me into a room, settled in, and in comes my surgeon- Hi! I'm Mike, I'll be doing your surgery tomorrow. I was SHOCKED! Have never had a doctor introduce himself by his first name! He was SOOO cool! Dr."Mike" Lucero explained what he was going to to do in words I could understand even. I LIKE this guy already! Friday we went for surgery at 8AM- 3.5 hrs later I was in recovery. He said it took a bit longer than expected as it was in a tough spot and a bit more damage than they thought. I did well tho in surgery and recovery was A LOT easier than other times I've had surgeries. Not sure what they did differently but it seemed to go smoother! Yeah for me! So I had about 40-45 staples on the outside all along the right side of my leg and I don't know how many dissolving stitches inside to hold everything. I have a nice rod from above the knee all the way up to and attached to my hip. Now I have a matching pair since it was about a yr ago I broke the left femur...always something! Healing is going were removed about 12 days out. Have a nice scar all along the side of my leg but that's OK! No one looks at my legs anymore anyways..LOL. Went back for check up yesterday- 3 weeks out- and got the OK for next week to get into the pool! YEAH! Haven't been in the water(besides showers)since before I was injured 10 yrs ago! Hoping to get into the pool at the Sports and Fitness Center once day next week! I know I'm going to cry..LOL..I'm such a baby! We're gearing up for the Dry Heat Classic July 26,27,28 at Wild Horse Pass Casino/Hotel. Michael Finney is a comedian/magician who started a Foundation 16 yrs ago to help children who need surgeries. He has since included Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Smile( for children who need cleft palette surgery) and Gift of Life(heart surgeries). This year his main charity will be the Arizona Spinal Cord Association, for which I work at and LOVE. We do education, sports/recreation.per mentoring, info and referral for persons with Spinal Cord Injuries. Michael has graciously taken us on this yr as the main recipients of his event. It's going to be amazing! 2 days of golfing with celebrities-sports/magicians/comedians are put in foursomes with average type Joe. Then in the evening they'll do their shows of magic and comedy. We're also doing raffles, silent auctions and more! If you would like to help sponsor a golfer or want to come golf and stay the weekend- check it all out here You can register for golfing or get tickets to the show! Also looking for auction items!! Will take anything- dinners, shows, event tickets, cars, etc. We have an awesome jute box and motorcycle we're auctioning! Come join the FUN!

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