Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lazy Day

Well it's been a pretty lazy day for me! I went in yesterday and had my 1st colonoscopy..Have you had your's yet? If I can do it, so can YOU! I kept putting it off since I turned 50, gosh I'm getin old! Was actually not all that bad. The prepping was the hardest part, as you can imagine. The procedure went without a hitch. The out patient clinic was AWESOME! Everyone was very helpful and accomidating to us. I had to bring my own lift to get me from chair to gurny but that's ok. The nurses let us do what we needed to, right down to even moving the bed to get me into it. I mentioned to Pat, my nurse, that I was a hard stick and she said she wouldn't even attenpt to put the IV in then, she's let the anesthesia doctor do it. KOOL BEANS! When he looked he found a good vein, or he thought moved when he stuck the needle in. I barely felt it. He had to look on my left arm, right above where it had been broken so the skin was a tad more tender...1 stick and it was in..good to go! They got me on my side, all comfy, put in the sleepy juice but I stayed awake long enough to ask Dr. Landan for a copy of the film to put on Youtube...eveyone got a laugh out of that(was just joking of course)! Next thing I know, I'm waking up an hr later all done! I did get some great photos of my colon and he said all is clear but I did have 1 tiny polyp he cut out and sent out to be biopsied so we're good to go for another 5 yrs or so! Have you all had your's done yet?? PLEASE be sure and get your's if you haven't already! Better to be safe than sorry! If I, who is paralized and in a wheelchair can find a way to get mine done , than you can too!

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Casey said...

Thanks for sharing your angels story in my comments! That gave me goosebumps! Kids are amazing!