Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ok girls, and guys if any read this....Can you look at yesterdays post and tell me what the heck I am doing wrong?? I have tried and tried to get links to work but all that shows up is the dang whole code! ARG! It can't be THAT hard to add links in here is it???? Thanks for any and all help!


Jill DZines said...

Hi Karen! You're so sweet to mention me on your blog! Thank you! :)

For making links in blogger, what I do is just type in whatever word I want to use for the link - like "GottaPixel". Then just highlight it and click on the little chain-link/globe icon in your formatting options (where you choose the font, color, etc.) Then a little window will open and you just put the link right in there, with no code needed. Just make sure that the "http://" is included. Then click "OK" and it will make your word(s) into a link. HTH! (But maybe you already know that and are just looking for a simpler way - in that case I can't help, sorry.

I wish I knew more about coding, HTML, etc.! I'm trying to learn more, because I'd love to re-do my blog and customize a template exactly how I want it! (I do have a test blog I've started messing around with, experimenting and such, using the SUPER-helpful info found on this blog:

Pssequimages said...

They all worked for me, Karen. I don't think you're doing anything wrong. I do it the same way Jill does on my blog. (pssequimages.blogspot.com)