Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

WOW! It's FINALLY here! Inauguration of our 44th President of the United States Of America! At 10:00AM AZ time Barrack Obama will become our newest president! Who would have thought in our lifetime we would see a black president! I am SOOO excited for him as well as what's ahead for our country! There will be challenges for him but I have TOTAL faith things will turn around for our country! Bush left a mess that's sure but Barrack will get us back on track!
I would SOOO love to be in Washington to be part of this historical event but we'll be here recording it for our future generations to see. Pretty amazing! I have a box of tissues handy as I KNOW it will be a tearful day for me as well as many others. I'm such a baby when things like this happen. Oh heck I cry at anything anymore but this will be a HUGE teary day- happy tears tho! I wish the Obama's ALL the best and look forward to his tenure in the White House.

Our remodel- coming slow but getting there. Our laminate floors will be installed Monday/Tuesday. Can't wait! Then the tile in the bath and finishing touches. Will be nice to be done then get life back on track..LOL.
Our daughter is progressing well in her pregnancy. Due date Apr 1. Her daughter Kaileigh is excited to be a big sister and will be a huge help to mom and dad. I'm hoping to get out there when she delivers or right before.
Spent almost 6 hrs in Ikea yesterday! OMG! That place is AMAZING! and so full of ideas and COOL stuff! I bought 3 cabinets to put in the bathroom for linens. Spent $135 for 3 tall cabinets which is awesome since the ones in Lowes were almost $300! Only thing they didn't have were the shelves but that's a minor detail and cheap enough to get. The savings were worth it.
Back to watching the festivities! Have a GREAT day all as it IS a GREAT day!

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