Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chilly Thursday

Can't believe how chilly it's been here this week, but after all it is Feb, Jon keeps reminding me! News this morning showed some gorgeous photos of the snow in the mountains and rocks in Sedona, just north about an hr and half of us. GORGEOUS photos. Maybe we'll take a drive up there this weekend.

Daughter just called and said they're going to do an ultra sound next week so maybe we'll find out if she's having a little girl or boy- well maybe not so little as she claims she's huge - due Apr 1 ...and of course has been very lax about taking photos no matter how many times I've reminded her- don't forget to take some pics today- yeah I should do that shouldn't I..umm-yeah! LOL she said she'd do some today so we'll see...

Oh police helicopter has been flying over the house REALLY low for about half hr now- guess I should turn on the TV and see what's up with that...just checked and the only thing news worthy on is a bomb scare at the high school a couple miles away. Turned out to be nothing and helicopter is now gone. Why people feel the need to do such stupid ass things!

I've started watching my ABC soaps again after about a 4 yr absence..LOL...a few people but the same dumb stuff happening..One Live to Live Dorian Lord is now married to David Vickers and is a Buddhist..LOL.She's up to something so it'll be fun to follow for awhile. I started watching the ABC's one back when my grandma was still alive- 1973 or so..LOL. thru the 80's when the kids were little- I spent their nap time watching, skipped most of the 90's and up till now- amazing how many are still on and haven't seemed to grow old for the most part- except the kids are all grown and have their own. Makes for cheap entertainment! LOL

American Idol this year is something else too- Some of their choices they picked to keep in were lame- screaming girl OMG!! I SOOOO hope America gets it right and boots her! She can sing fairly good but the screaming has GOT to go! The blind guy is good so I hope he stays...need to learn their names.

Here's a LO I just did for Jill D-zines- pic of my DH Jon.

Credits: Jon- Clearly Essential Casual Acrylics by Jill D-zines
Shabby Lil Man by Jill D-zines


Sara E said...

oh, Karen... I'm an ABC girl too... I don't watch All My Kids too often, but I try to catch OLTL ... I wonder what is going to happen now that David knows that Dorian is trying to milk him for the Buchanan money
..and I also love the new Todd

about AI... the blind guy is from Scottsdale, he's a pretty cool story ...I love Danny Gokey, he's the one that lost his wife right before the try-outs......and, yes, Tatiana that cackling weirdo does have to go, but she does make good ratings

ok.. now.. from the note you left on my blog... HOW were you able to save $150 and only spend $75.. I've been able to save 50-60% before, but not too often.. and you saved more than that

Hummie said...

Wonderful layout! I used to watch General Hospital back in the 70's....don't watch them any more though. They seemed so much better back then.