Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Friday!

where did the week go? Seems the older we get,the faster time flies! Why IS that???

Shoulder healing REALLY signs of infection,bleeding or anything! YEAH! I have always been a good healer anyways when it comes to surgeries,which is good!
Had an AWESOME visit with my sousin Shelly and her DH Randy yesterday..they were in town for the weekend on a mini vacation so came over for the afternoon...was a nice time...right after they left, I remembered,DUH!,Jon had taken steak out for dinner and I spaced asjing em to stay for dinner! What a dork I am sometimes! LOL..SOO SORRY guys! They only live like 3 hrs away but we rarely get to see each other,sigh,...her mom and my dad were brother/sister ...
Jayson LOVES his classes this yr...seems to be doing well,so far,,we'll see in a cpl weeks when progress reports come out!
Be sure to pop over to 3Scrapateers for their 4th birthday party and blog train...some cute goodies and crops to be had.
Have a GREAT weekend!

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Tammy Gary said...

I stopped by your Blog to make sure you were healing OK, Great to see you are!
Love Tammy!